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LPG can replace diesel as a source of fuel for powering generators especially in the telecoms sector where Diesel constitutes a very high percentage of the cost of running cell sites due mostly the poor power infrastructure in the country and pilferage.


The LPG generators last for a reasonable length of time. It can run for a period of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is possible to achieve standby running hours than diesel powered generators before refuelling. This is very advantageous, because you don’t require a standby operation officer checking for diesel limit in the generator all the time.

Bhakor Consult also deal on LPG accessories & prepaid LPG meters for domestic consumption. Also available are LPG accessories for diverse purposes. 

The LPG generator does not require storage of gas unlike diesel which must be stored and available. This helps to reduces cases of pilferage or siphoning of gas as common with diesel/petrol generators. As a matter of fact, investigations and empirical evidence have shown that most organizations lose as much as 50% of cost of running diesel generators to theft, pilferage, sharp practices associated with purchase and supply of diesel; sometimes employee officials conniving with suppliers.

The emissions of an LPG product are less harmful to the environment than the emissions from diesel. LPG powered home generators release less carbon dioxide per unit of energy than diesel powered generators. With the LPG generators, it will be convenient for people to carry out their operations close to the generating set without been harmed.it is environmentally friendly.


·        The LPG generators run at a quieter engine noise level compared to diesel powered generators. This reduces noise pollution and makes the environment serene.

      The initial cost of setting up the LPG powered generators is less than that associated with diesel powered generators. The cost of switching from the diesel powered generators to LPG powered generators is low.

Maintenance is relatively cheaper. By comparism:100kva natural gas generator regular maintenance requirements: First phase repair and maintenance time is 8000-10000 hours; second phase repair and maintenance time is 16000 hours; final phase (overhaul time) time is 32000 hours.   

2.  100kva diesel generator regular maintenance requirements: first phase repair and maintenance time is 2000-3000 hours; second phase repair and maintenance time is 6000-8000 hours; final phase(overhaul time) time is 10000-15000 hours.

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